Store your luggage at Amsterdam Luggage Storage

Are you spending a weekend in Amsterdam, touring across Europe, or do you simply have a couple of hours to kill before catching a connecting flight? We make it possible for you to explore the city as conveniently as possible. Leave your luggage at Amsterdam Luggage Storage, so that you have your hands free to shop, for example.

Everything you need for a pleasant day and a safe journey

At Amsterdam Luggage Storage, we do our best to ensure you have a wonderful stay in Amsterdam. We help you to continue your journey without a hitch. Apart from storing your luggage here, there is plenty more with which we can assist you:

  • Printing your boarding pass, train or air ticket
  • Checking the weight of your luggage
  • Charging your phone
  • Buying awesome souvenirs
  • Hire a great bike
  • Ask for tips for fun activities in Amsterdam

If you have any queries about Amsterdam or our services, please call us on +31 (0)20 3627106 and speak to a member of staff. 

5 tips for packing your luggage

  1. A few weeks before you travel, start collecting all your essential items on a table or sofa. 
  2. Put your socks inside your shoes to save space.
  3. Keep your suitcase organised by packing all your shirts together and all your trousers together. Or pack your clothing in sets
  4. It is easy to fill your suitcase completely, regardless of the size. When you are packing, remember to leave space for souvenirs. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you had to leave behind your fun souvenirs?
  5. Watch this film on how to pack like a professional. .